Heat treament & Brazing
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BSI registered firm Hardening & tempering, Case hardening, Cyanide salt and gas, vacuum hardening, brazing annealing, normalizing & stress Relief in air, nitrogen,hydrogen, or vacuum, borideing, induction, flame hardening, and brazing, nitriding, tufftriding, AB1, Q-tuff, chemical blacking, phosphating, Mg and Zn parcolube shot blasting grit and glass bead solution Treating and precipitation shrink fitting .F1 Racing cars treatments, crack detection penetration and magnetic fluorescent, laboratory..
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Induction and Flame Processes
  • High and Low Frequency
  • Salt TFI and ABI
  • Micro Examination
  • Case Depth Analysis
  • Crack Detection: Penetration and Flourescent Magnetic Particle
  • Full Range of Hardness Test Equipment, including portable and micro

    Hardening and Tempering
  • Marquenching
  • Austtempering
  • Mg and Zn Phosphating
  • Parcolube
    Case Hardening
    • Cyanide Salt
    • Gas Carburising, Refining
    Racing Car Treatments
  • Heat Treatment of fabrications, Wishbones, Uprights etc.
  • Drive Shafts, cv Housing, Selector Shafts
  • Gas Nitrocarburising Process
    Quality Control
  • Registered to BS EN ISO 9002 Standard
  • Full Computerised Traceability of all Heat Treatment Processes
    Chemical Blacking
    • Stainless Steel
    • Hot Process
    • Large Bath for Large/Heavy Items
    Solution Treating and Precipitation
    • AluminiumCastings and Wrought
    • Titanium Alloys
    • Maraging Steels
    Shrink Fitting
    • Liquid Nitrogen
    • Other Sub-Zero Treatments
    Vacuum Processes
    • Bright Clean Low Distortion Hardening
    • High Speed Steels
    • Mumetals and Radio Metal
    • Fluxless High Temperature Brazing
    • Bright ppt of Copper Beryllium


    Shot Blasting
    • Grit Blasting, Choice of grade
    • Glass Bead
    • Gas Nitriding
    Annealing, Normalising & Stress Relief
    • Nitrogen atmoshere
    • Vacuum